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Why Choose Cold Forming?

Cold Forming or Cold Heading, as it is also known, is the process of shaping metal in a closed die using pressure; a process that does not involve heat or metal cutting.


Cold forming is superior to machining, turning, casting or hot forging as it offers the following benefits:

  • Raw Material Savings - There is no material cut away as there is with machining so there is little or no waste.

  • Superior Component Strength - Cold Forming reforms the material grain to flow with the shape resulting in significant increases of strength and hardness.

  • High Production Rates - Parts are produced at a rate of one per second, or faster, which is considerably quicker than most machining, casting and forging.

  • Superior Surface Finish - Cold Forming results in a smooth surface finish requiring no further finishing.

  • Close Tolerances - Cold Forming allows parts to be made more consistently reducing non-conforming products and minimizing secondary processes.

  • Part Consolidation - Cold Forming allows individual parts to be formed as one component for greater cost efficiency and improved part strength.

  • Lower Piece Prices - Longer tool life and low energy use with material savings and high production rates results in lower component prices

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